Dry Skin



Dry skin is generally not a serious condition, but can lead to itchy, scaly, irritated, and dull looking skin. It can be caused by several factors like hot or cold weather, varied degree of humidity in the air or reaction to certain foods, chemicals or cosmetic products. It can also be caused due to a lack of Vitamin D.

At Lawnton Laser Clinic, our approach to dry skin is simple. We give it what it needs through a custom approach after a comprehensive assessment to rule out all possible factors. A signature Hydradermabrasion that includes selected serums, enzyme peels, collagen boost and a regular skin care routine with moisturisers is our recommended approach for dry skin. We also encourage use of non-irritants and non-fragrant moisturisers, detergents, and bath soaps for the course of the treatment.


Enzyme Peel