Acne Treatment





Acne won’t just go away on its own. Not treating it can actually make it worse. At Lawnton Laser Clinic we understand that acne can negatively impact your social life and can be incredibly taxing on your self-confidence. Most people find that over-the-counter medications don’t often work and can be a tedious process to notice any visible change. Not to mention, generic products don’t account for an individual and can sometimes lead to allergic reactions or worse, more outbreaks. Let our team of dedicated professionals find the best possible solution for your skin. Our skin clinicians are passionate about improving and maintaining acne free skin so you can go on living your best possible self without those thick make-up concealers or worrying about your skin.

Types of acne

Acne also known as acne vulgaris is either referred to as active acne or acne scarring depending on the stage of the skin disorder.

Active Acne can be classified into the following types:

  • Mild – Whiteheads and blackheads covering areas of chin, cheeks, and forehead

  • Moderate – Mild acne symptoms with papules and pustules (red bumps with or without fluids)

  • Severe – Multiple large and often painful papules and pustules as well as cysts. May or may not have associated scarring.

Active acne is caused by the enlargement and blockage in the sebaceous glands due to bacterial infection in the skin. These often produce inflamed and pus-filled cysts that can be a cause of severe anxiety and frustration.


Can all types of acne be treated?

Yes, all types of acne can be treated. The treatment solutions we offer will depend on the severity and if certain acne is outside our treatment range, you will be referred to expert doctors who will be able to recommend highly effective treatments and products via prescription. Your treatment may just be a call or a click away.

What results can I expect from treatments?

Every individual is different, and acne can vary too. Hence, you will be prescribed a course of treatment that is most suited to your type of acne and skin that will also include a home care programme.

Laser therapy is a recommended option for mild to moderate acne especially those who have tried usual at home and other methods and have not achieved a desired outcome. A combined treatment program that can target several deep-rooted conditions will be discussed based on treatment outcomes desired to the individual.

Active acne is targeted using a custom-tailored cleansing treatment such as HydraFacial followed by an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment. It works by removing excess oil and dead skin from clogged pores and is effective against whiteheads, blackheads and some pimples. Laser therapy is also an excellent addon option that is minimally invasive with minimal downtime. Laser target deep sebaceous glands, pores and pigmentation in as few as 2 – 3 sessions.